Loving Energy Booster - A Surge of Blessings & Abundance - Be Happy for Yourself - You Made it to NOW!

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Let go, surrender, let the shit shift back to those that dealt it, & be happy again, and again, and again. You need not carry that which weighs you down... Just drop it and move on to a much better place. You already have what you need, your power within - LET IT OUT!


I am here to remind all of you that you are worthy of happiness, you are blessed, filled with love, abundance, and shine - even if it doesn't feel like it, you know deep down how right I am about this. Accept it, embrace it, LIVE it!

Do not let your depression about what has already passed block you path, in the words of the fallen clans of the Mandalore - This is the way...

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Follow your heart & use your head - balance, harmony, symbiosis, tranquility, serenity - flow gracefully beautiful children of Gaia, with respect for all that life provides, and everyone your spirit touches. You matter, and so does everything you do - you are a vital part of this existence. Recognize your importance, and see yourself for what you are - DIVINE.


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We are here for each other

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Enchanted blessings - with love, truth, & honor - @ELAmental.


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Stay tuned - into the right frequencies


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Welcome to the NOW (the one and only)
It feels so good to have this key role into ascension... and much much better when we realize that we make this together!

Healing is the word of the month! Glad I could help.

Super fantastic posting


Today high spirits, lightheartedness, and humor prevail. Today I don't withhold the truth about myself; I free myself from pessimism, reticence, composure; I break with the constant silence and begin to enjoy life. I am not embarrassed to talk about my dreams, and don't shed tears when talking about my problems and worries. Today I am neither better nor worse than anybody else. Only this way can I overcome sadness.

This is beautiful, thank you for sharing the words.

Thank you, dear one. ❤️

You are very welcome! Thank you!

@trucklife-family here, so lovely to see and hear you spreading such positive vibes and sharing the abundance. Yes embrace it all and then let it flow from you. Shine bright Brother xx

We'd love you to enter our Positive Vibes Intiative, which you can read about Here so that we can spread some love and Feel Good by Helping Others Feel Good.


I so recognize and value you too my friend. Much love xxxx


Oh I do love those energetic, positive vibes! Keep them rolling and thanks for the surge of energy!

Anytime I can provide I will... nice to know others can provide when I need it too.