Mid-Week Chill' Reminder - #HappyHempDay Droppin' A D00k13 LIVE Broadcast[Video Updated]

in hive-196037 •  last month  (edited)

#HappyHempDay Smokers, Coming at you live for 4PM PST with a little exciting news about BC moving into phase 3 of Covid-19 prevention!

This #GHRO ( Green House Radio Online ) broadcast out of the #Canna-Curate discord aims to uplift and educate while reminding everyone to remain calm and collected. Have something you wish to say? Found news of importance to empower our fellow stoners? Join the conversation in the Canna-Curate discord server.

#smokenetwork #cannabis #restreamio #dtube #onelovedtube

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Uploading a working copy now, Thank you for the support guys 😘