Greenhouse autoflowers update 6/15/21

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Good afternoon fellow gardeners.
Girls are progressing nicely, weather has been great as well. All are showing signs of flowering and all are confirmed female now.still on pond water only. No training pruning or defoliation done yet.
Thank you for looking











Nice pond ;))


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Not sure what’s happier, the plants, or the fish, lol&”!

I think it’s me 😂😂

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I bet!


I think it’s me 😂😂

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Dude... I really dig that turtle pond. I live by the bay so I find turtles lost in my garden every year. I have been planning on building pond, only now maybe for the turtles.
Very nice setup. have a great week

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Thank you. All mine are rescues.after 5 or 6 you really need a pond :). I have one in the basement too for the winter setup.

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nice eco system :) all natural
and the plants ~ virgin :)

It’s the end of the world back up plan. Turtle and koi soup lol

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Dam looking good, Nice and tall. You think that will be one flower?

Ty. To be honest I hope not. Outdoors I prefer smaller kolas or bud roth can became an issue

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That makes sense, Yeah with to dense buds around me PM is a problem. Come late in the year it's so humid here it sucks.

Thick an Hairy.
Looks great, Aquaponics right?
I have yet to dip my toe in that pond. 1 day.

It’s kinda aquaponics :). True aquaponics the plant root are in the water source directly. I am just using the fish/turtle pond water to water the plant in the greenhouse still getting the natural fertilizer from the water source.

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Nice to see another outdoor grower on this site ... Looking 🔥. Are you using pond water because it has beneficial properties?

Yeah nitrate from fish/turtle waste is great natural fertilizer and a free by product of my koi/turtle hobby :)also very convenient source of balanced ph chlorine free source of water.

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Thank you.

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Beautiful plant Bro!!! what type is? Sativa or Indica?

Thank you.
All autoflowers all hybrids
Jack herer
Amnesia haze

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