Arizona voters FINALLY do the right thing!

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After the effort to legalize recreational cannabis was turned down by Arizona voters in 2016 the effort was repeated again for 2020.This time the antis (I mean you AG Sheila Polk you fascist cunt) didn't have the $$$$ from their Big pharma (now convicted felons) friends at Insys Pharmaceuticals and others to bankroll their efforts.Maybe there were enough sane voters to outweigh the scare tactics (impaired drivers, harmed children or unsafe workers) and the normal morons in this state to pass Prop 207 and finally, finally bring AZ somewhat out of the cannabis Dark Ages.20201008_082859 1.jpg


I saw an ad from Arz saying, that measure 207 wont stop your nanny from coming to work stoned, lol. Glad it passed.

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