when you smoke randomly with a friend...and it is just a crumb, but you find a seed in there...

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a good one! ;)

YES! it turned out to be an autoflower and it's almost ready.
Kick ass strain ~ tested myself :)
was astonished by the fact that autos can have a seed
i'm also familiar by the fact that a plant could be made to throw flowers, when exposed to enough stress and / or grown into for dark long enough... or just hard circumstances...


in the meantime i made some canna~biscuits, postponed for a long period of time...
got some leaves from the past year, which we smoked (when nothing) but then i baked them in the oven for an hour (around 100+ C degrees)
so I decided to crush them fine with my fingers and mix them with some oil...
not to be so fancy with recipe, was about to make some kind of cookie...
i normally leave all the leaf stock and thin sticks for the fibers and some hemp proteins :P
added some vanilla sugar, ginger and corn flour ;)
...also a glass of water with apple cider vinegar and some baking soda...
for the fluffy effect...
couldn't manage to do it properly without an egg (cause i haven't)
or maybe some grind flax seed for the same gluing effect :)
turned out to be a crunchy biscuit... still edible :)
and the effect was certainly noticed just an hour after eating it on an empty stomach :)
of course i shared a bite with my friends, as well as some of the mini tester buds from the auto one ;) for a smoke!

happy & inner looking! :)

eternal peace & light!

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Nice it works in a pinch, Yeah ground flax or chia is great egg substitute.


That’s cool! And yes autos come in males and females. But they also can herm as well. Either way that’s a healthy looking plant!

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Yes, thanks!
I topped it too late... without knowing it will stay like this :)

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I wanna taste it :D

it's very fragrant :)

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