Transplanting Cacti

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Greetings, psychonauts!

Growing cacti from seed takes a lot of years for them to develop. Once you have mature plants you can take cuttings, make them root and you'll have another separate one. You basically clone the same specimen with the exact same characteristics, but of course it depends also from the environment like the soil for example and the way you treat the plant.

Another thing is that, when you cut the cactus it is going to grow new 'branches' (new cacti) on itself after a period of time. When it has developed roots already it throws out new babies, like any other plant and tree does...
This one for example has already shown signs of new growth and you can see fresh roots coming up. So it's time to put it in a pot where it can grow freely...


During the years I gifted a lot of cacti cuttings to friends who are interested and can take care of them. Actually they do not need much attention and they even grow better when you just leave them on a proper place with well draining soil and a big enough pot.
Three months ago I was very happy to see some of my fellas grown massively at one of my friend's places...
You can check out the post here:


Yes! The universe always clicks to your intentions and gives back new opportunities, mirroring your visions and vibes! ;)
In this case, with that same friend we visited another friend in a different farm, where he had a type of magic cactus, which type I haven't seen live till that moment. The dude where generous enough to take one of the branches of his cactus to me. The idea of course is to enrich the genetic collection of each one of us. I'll give him one of my hybrids, when we see each other again.
You can graft cacti too! This way you combine their characteristics and a new type of plant is born if you do it properly...

Here it is! After sitting in a dry soil for 2-3 months, the new roots are already showing up! ;) Cheers!
It is already transplanted and he's happy, showing a new signs of nice, fresh growth! ;) It even grew new young thorns, where they were broken during transporting...

Finishing deeds...

To end up my current activities I prepared some cuttings from my oldest Aloe Arborescens to plant them in a new pot together for rooting.


I'm really happy to have different types of cacti and succulents and I often put them together, even with other plans! :)
They enjoy co-existing and make my life meaningful too...

Thanks for visiting my gardening blog!

Peace & Light! :)



Thanks for sharing the content but Weedcash is for cannabis content.

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I believe it is also for psychedelics ;)

you know.. the medicinal plants and experiences :)
@canna-curate always encouraged me to post exotic stuff...

but this is not that, But sure

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those are san pedro and peruvian torch magic cacti...
i'm still afraid to have proper cannabis blog here, because in our country is still illegal :) ...same for the hidden word 'mescaline'
so i mentioned it carefully in this post :P

thanks for caring ;)
ps. you can see in my recent posts that i sill have some recipes for edibles... and some crop photos too ;)

Thanks for sharing this, I am very new to cacti

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Yeah, I saw it already! Thanks for the invitation ;)
This year I skipped making my vegetable garden due to some circumstances...
...and not having enough sunny space and proper soil.
The backyard pine became too huge.... and it is like a forest ecosystem over there... with many trees and herbs and medicinal shrubs...

this is what was before:

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That is really cool! I take it cacti are in the succulent family?

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I'm not sure... need to research more...
I believe succulents are more of a plants with unusual leaves... (fat ones)
but the cacti have thorns and spikes instead of leaves... to collect water..
so they must be kind of a different family...

"All cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti" Cacti are a family of succulent plants that evolved in the Americas

Nice explanation! ;)

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Thanks for sharing. Nice post

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thank you! ;)