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greetings, weedcash fellows! ;)

With the coming harvest time (already happening for a lot of folks around the world)...
Here comes a fair price for our beloved token, after the drop of HIVE.
I am happy that I bought some tokens beforehand, because I mostly power up and do not plan to cash out / withdraw crypto any time soon. At least not before the New Year ;)
Luckily there is some spare cash at hand to meet life's requirements.
& I got no "real" job...
Feeling INSPIRED again...
maybe because I tried this... :}
I've noticed the dry leaves and decided to pick this bud as a tester, because there is nice strong aroma coming out and I know the seed was from a good smoke ;)
This moment came really naturally after two weeks or maybe more... of intense responsibilities and family tasks & meetings. I felt quite drained after all the stress around me, but I'm sure it was for the good of all and important moment in our history :D hehe...

That's it for now!



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