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RE: Wrigley's Chewing Gum Heir Announces Cannabis IPO via Parallel worth $1.88b

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Owning a wrigley's cannabis infused pellet in a country/state that prohibits cannabis is a tricky situation.

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Yeah and things are so uncertain over here with a onset for civil war in both Canada and the US.

Well if civil war / general violence occurs the last thing that will be on people's minds would be the legality of your edibles.

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Luckily the growers I am family with have a lot of guns too.

n00b question here. I was going to vote up your comment. What does the 0-100 mean? Is "10%" I kinda like what you said? And 100% means I really like what you said? Is there a default amount that most people put? Enquiring minds want to know. :)

Yeah exactly as you said, it's how much you like it.

I just give out 100 or nothing like a 5 star review or nothing logic.

I either value your opinion, or I didn't care about what you said.

If I downvote you, its 99% of the time about your post being over valued.

Also worth noting that you have a voting power. The less % you vote with, the more voting power you have.

It recharges over 4 days about to 100% voting power if you made a 100% vote

thx. still learning. My upvote power is now "96" I suppose that's because I just "used" two upvotes. This is interesting. I'll figure it out in time. :)