218 days until 4/20

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Best day of the year
tried to blind date 2 of my friends 😂😂
at my shop 🤭🤭
we had the local bar tender on my shoulder too...
yeah am the rastaman ❤️💛💚
she's already given herself to me...
Must say that I am proud of my #weedcash posts.... my weedcash account is more like my night life diary... (past curfew hours) (late night grind - hunger games) training my consistency...
@richardcrill @coffeebuds @canna-community @thelogicaldude
I wanna be Africa's weedcash ambassador..
can we find a way to use weed as a hive command like beer/pizza/wine?
@kaeraser cuzo u missing out on this but Sly ako area... (Sly is around)
@canna-curate I would be delighted to see this post on your canna-curate curation highlights....
Can we use weed as a comment command like beer/pizza/wine?
Weed can be so diverse... im my pov.

I will miss @phusionphil though....
Weedcash will feel so awkward without you Uncle...
You held me down since day 1...
You're an A1 team member...
Nakutambua yangu yote 💯






  1. There is nowhere we ever agreed that
    everything I post here has to be music to your ears.
    I am not even remotely infallible.
    It would be more disturbing if you agree with everything I stand for
    or subscribe to.
    Let’s agree and disagree with civility and decorum.

  2. Don't take to heart ❤️ some of these posts
    cause they might sweep you off your feet and lift you up to the highs unnoticeably.
    I just post my opinions which aren’t superior to anyone’s.
    I am not a whale
    an influencer
    a public figure
    or a celeb.
    So what I say is just a normal thing.
    Are we sailing on the same boat?

  3. I have been seeing hive bigwigs telling the smallwigs that:

"I am actually doing you a favor by engaging you on this platform"

  • anonymous

The red fish and minnows are suffering.
If I were a #hive bigwig a.k.a *a whale"... I would raise all the minnows to the real depths.

Unity is Power.

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I humbly accept regular hive tips.
that means $hive, hbd, hive-engine tokens .
Power delegation is also accepted here.
It doesn't matter the token or amount.
Your tips & delegations are accepted gracefully & delightfully by this crypto-collector.

I am an all time Weedcash Networker & an all in @canna-curate curation trail follower,
never the less active with tribe token curation ✔️
Some of the tokens I highly curate content from regularly are:
#neoxian #palnet #creativecoin #ctp #LIST #aeneas #proofofbrain or #pob & #lotus or in other words #naturalmedicine

What's your tribes?
I ❤️ sharing my upvotes.

It's your friendly weedcash community networker 🔥🍁😎💨



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this post feels feels so sacred to me...
as the weedcash network... can't we fight for one of our own @phusionphil .. a stay dangerous & high off life hard hitter of our team...
let's talk about it...
this can be a way we made a strong move as a @weedcash network...then it will remain in hive's history lessons....
I ain't calling for a war...
am cool, collected & calm...
but I need to know how we can save 1 out of the 99....
where is our power?

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If you have 1 million Hive power i would be interested in the fight, @azircon is 100% downvoting me because I replied to a comment he tagged me in with a satirical remark. Until sociopaths like him have been dealt with, there is not much point for me to participate here.

@richardcrill if you have 1 million hive power thats how much you would need to get my posts above 0, i would appreciate it but dont see a realistic way forward on this dangerous and volatile network.

I can power back up with the click of a button and I am only leaving Hive until the issues with the majority share holders being against questioning the vaccine.

That’s a cool idea for the weed token. I can certainly talk to some people who would know how that works!

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Nice to see your happy faces, bro! Stay high!