Purple rain , purple kush👾🌿

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Hello all Hive members and weedcash brothers and sisters.In today's post I want to present you a little treasure - purple marijuana.

She is beautiful, is not she? Of course, she's just beautiful to me, and she's divine. The smell that comes from it is felt for miles, it really is the strongest smellweed I've ever met.

After smoking one or two joints, here is my opinion: unique taste, perfect texture and most importantly, it is really very strong. Sativa or indica ? Rather something average. At the same time I felt the usual dizziness, I was not so broken, I had a lot of energy and my thought was flowing relatively fast 😀


I am currently calling the same guy to pick up from this weed but he does not answer the phone😫. Thank God I didn't smoke everything yesterday and I kept some for today..😇


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I wish everyone a good evening and a pleasant smoking 😈🤩


Looks great man! I grew some purple bud for the first time last grow and it was amazing too. Something about that purple is so attractive.

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Thanks man , i will be glad if you make a review on yours purple 😇

That purple goodness.. Great photos taken :)

Thats some bomb! Thanks for sharing, just next post dont forget the cannabis tag, :)

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Thank you , cannabis tag ...how can i forget it 😕

Love the colors in this one. I would love to get my hands on this.

Its really amazing , thank you

Dam she looks beautiful and sounds like it was as well.

Seems like it was a sativa dom that's nice some times 🤣

Sativa dom , maybe its the right definition 😀. Thank you


one of those images that you seem to smell 🤤