The day my mom took to much cannabis chocolat candy

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I believe that this is not the most famous recipe out there, but here in Brazil the always practical (and, if I'm not mistaken, Brazilian) marijuana Chocolat Ball (called Brigadeiro) is probably the most consumed recipe among us. So today I'm going to tell you a quick story about the culinary adventures with the herb.
My mother and I have a very peaceful relationship regarding the use of marijuana as a medicinal and recreational substance without major concerns. I told her many years ago that I used marijuana and after the initial scare she was even curious about the substance, when she realized that in general it did me good. But still, she was never very fond of the idea of ​​smoking, she never liked "smoke coming out of her mouth". However, even so, from time to time we had good experiences of relaxing in nature on a stroll with a good joint.
Occasionally I decided to make a "brigadeiro/chocolat ball" to share with friends when there was any plan to go out at an event or even rehearse with the band at home. And on this day, I asked the mother for help, I told her to finish the brigadeiro for me, right after I fried the butter with the crushed cannabis (the main step in the process), she, like a great cake, she prepared a delicious brigadeiro, with condensed milk, cocoa powder, etc.


While the brigadeiro was cooling down so I could roll it up, I went to work in my workshop, and after half an hour, she came with the spoon in her hand, saying that the chocolat ball was delicious, and that it didn't even taste like marijuana. I told her not to exaggerate, because that is strong there, it is not like taking a couple of puffs on a joint. After a while, she came back laughing and said that she had eaten about five more spoons. Virtually half of the recipe! I got scared and told her that she was going to travel STRONG! She didn't quite believe it, she thought she was just going to be sleepy. After about 40 minutes, she was in terrible shape, lying on the couch saying that she looked like she was on a boat (like those called Pirate Boats in amusement parks), and everything was spinning and she was traveling hard, seeing nauseating geometric patterns, asking for it to stop. I tried to comfort her by saying that it would all be over, just be patient. But of that, it got worse and she started to cry (oh my God!) and soon after she started to look pale, nauseated, she turned on her side to put her head off the couch and gave that huge vomit, with all the pasta from lunch mixed with brigadeiro.

For some time I got worried but as soon as she threw up the sickness passed. Everyone who has ever gotten too high with marijuana knows that one thing leads to another and there is a paranoia that increases discomfort, giving the false impression that we are much worse than we actually are. And my mother, with less experience in the matter, was like a child who eats too much candy and then feels bad about the exaggeration. That's why I didn't worry so much, because after all, we're also not talking about any risky dosage, but only about a strong trip, which I am not even a fan of. I even gave her a few drops of clonazepam to make her feel calmer and soon she was fine again, and regretful enough to never want to try "marijuana brigadeiro" again. Today laughs at the memories, but, no one likes to be on a bad trip like that, do they? LoL

Thank you for reading, voting and commenting. And remember, if you're going to give your mom some cannabis food, make sure she doesn't eat the entire recipe alone.

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My mom hated the idea as well! But in her defense I was young at the time. But even as the years past, she was never found of cannabis. But until recently she has started to explore topicals, I was so happy to have made her some coconut oil:)

So cool you and your mom shared this experience! Even though it was unpleasant for her, I’m still sure she’ll remember for the rest of her life :)

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Cool! The use of topics is certainly a great way to soften negative opinions about cannabis! I have never had contact to say how efficient it is, but given its popularity and variety of uses, it is certainly worth it! I will refer to my mother too!
And as for this bad experience, it actually became a funny memory, but we had other good moments of relaxation with the herb! However, it is not something she wants to repeat!

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