Cannabis Markets Are Oversold and On Sale! Chilling on Some Indica!

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What's happening my cannabis loving friends! It's another #Weedcash Wednsday and today we are just chilling with some Mangolicious Indica flowers in the bowl and some Dream Queen dabs! Yeah, it's been on of those weeks, lol!

We then take a look into the cannabis industry #charts looking the main #etfs in the space, #MJ #YOLO and #POTX.

The markets have been taking a bit of a beating and are completely oversold and on sale if you want my non professional dudely opinion.

I may be looking into an MJ call options #trade on the good ole Robinhood if we an confirm a trend change.

Anyway, hope you have a great rest of you Weedcash Wednesday!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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Yeah dude we do have a good time!

The chillest and highest community on Hive. ;D

Yep and the one with the most !luv

Talking weed ETFs huh have you heard of Juicy fields or Kannabyte these are marijuana grow investment services Kannabyte is on blockchain even. Weed stocks & ETFs where what I use to gravitate towards but like you said markets can be manipulated.

These e-growing investment services are something entirely different.
I was skeptical at first but it worked when I tried it took like 3.5 months & like $60 in crypto got me a little over $80 in 3.5 months. If juicy fields was the only E growing service I wouldn't bother you with it but their partner list has like 4 other E-growing companies. Check it out if you have a minute a few of them are even on blockchain entirely accept the grow but the contract is facilitated through blockchain.

Weed cash Wednesday for the win