Showcasing Some Community Nugs and Talking MJ and Other Cannabis ETFs

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What's happeing everyone! It's Weedcash Market Wednesday where we talk about all things cannabis and the cannabis industry!

First off, apologies for being a bit rushed and getting a bit off topic as some points. We are watching for wildfires near my area so I was a bit pre occupied. It was getting hot and smokey so I had to kind of cut the action. The things I do to get you guys content, LOL.

Today we take a quick look at some amazing nug porn from @derangedvisions and his post:

I then give a brief overview of the Weedcash token economy and some things you can do with it like delegate your stake to @brofi account and earn some BRO tokens!

I then talk about an article from Seeking Alpha that you can check out here:

I use Seeking Alpha and Marketwatch mainly for my stock research and talk about some ways you can look at the different ETFs so you can make your own informed decisions on your investments.

You can create your own investment fund like I have over at M1 Finance.

Hope everyone has a smokin Wednesday!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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Awesome video. Glad you live in an area where you can get access to this medicine.

this is a great form of medicinal value



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