Arizona Cannabis Sales Growing Fast, Plant Trees with NFTs, 5 Gallon Challenge Update

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Well hello! How is everyone doing on this fine Wednesday? Oh, wait it's Wednesday, that means it's time for another #Weedcash Market Wednesday!

Today we take a quick look at our little token market on Tribaldex and the Hive Engine.

We then jump into the community and highlight a few of the awesome articles that you can find on!

The first is 'Planting a Trees by buying NFTs' by @chubb149 where he talks about how he is collecting certain NFTs on the WAX blockchain that the proceeds are going to replant trees in the forests! Awesome how crypto is saving the planet, yet, the mainstream media says we are killing it, LOL.
You can read the full article here:

Then we get into the @canna-curate #5gallonchallenge update with the current rankings in the grow contest as well as we feature some of his awesome looking plants that he is growing for the competition!
Check out the 'Cannabis Community Highlights' article here:

Then here is the post with the #nugporn:

Then we get into an article by @doitvoluntarily talking about how Arizona is outselling Colorado in recreational cannabis sales!
See the full article, 'Arizona Cannabis Sales Growing Faster Than Colorado' here:

That's it for the day, pretty short and sweet!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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Wedding crasher is bomb asf!

Dude... yeah it's good, lol...


Lol/ I also would add, which I fell it is one of Weedcashs best kept secret, or kid of secret, is if someone wants to earn passive income and do automatically, stake your Weed and follow the @canna-community trail on

That gives me an idea of next weeks video what can I do with my weed


Anything with wedding or cake is bomb bomb. Great post

Yeah these have been kicking my ass, lol.

Im in search a wedding cake or birthday cake that I smoked some time ago. I did a post on it on steemit long time ago, so I have the pic. Let me know if you see her on the road.



Thanks for the shout out Crypto has a reputation for being bad for the environment which is true for certain blockchains but EOSIO based projects are much less damaging to the environment. WAX is a straight up carbon neutral project now planting trees.

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