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RE: Breeding Update, BMAC, Silver Mac

in WeedCash Network3 months ago

Nice shots! I am going to be announcing a referral program soon for the new weedcash site so hopefully that will drive some new users to the platform. Also on the look out for a bulk seed bank so I can buy some seeds at wholesale and start our seed bank on the store


So I got the weedcash banner leading to the site. Also still waiting for a reply. But on a good note my silver haze is very much pregnant:)

You should go to your referrals page on and use your referral code for it! I think I am going to do an offering to make members their own QR codes that they can use to print or just use for marketing. Maybe charge a little WEED, HIVE, or LIST for the service.

Already did bro ;) cool idea btw!

Awesome! Yeah we can use that to help with marketing contests and such. It’s kind of a pain in the ass to track as an admin, but was the best free option I could find.

Congrats on the pregnancy! Early indications point to my Reclining Buddhas being pregnant, too. Should get a few dozen good seeds and the rest of the buds will be sensi <3