New Weedcash Site Intro And Challenge to Existing Weedcash Users

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Hello everyone, I want to formally introduce you to the new site, the home of the new WeedChat! This is a Hive bridge site, giving people an easy way to interact with the community before jumping full into Hive. It is also a place to be able to have off chain chat activity under our brand and not rely on other services like Discord.

It's a place to give people a nice introduction into our little cannabis crypto land without scaring them off with the complexities of the Hive setup... Kind of a way to stick a toe in before diving in the deep end.

I also challenge all existing Weedcash users to come and join the WeedChat and let's make this our new home of off chain comms. Don't worry, you can also post to Hive directly through the menu links. All articles that show on the site will open in a new tab on the, where you can then interact on chain!

There is also an overview of the store as well as a reminder that Weedcash was one of the first Hive Engine tokens with real world use case!

Enjoy the show!

Be Cool, Be Real, and Abide!

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Hey man, that's absolutely epic!

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Thank you! Trying to do what I can to help this thing grow!

Right on sounds like a new day for weed cash!!!

Thanks, dude!
I will check out the upgrades before my next post. Good job keeping things moving in a positive direction! Non-discord chat sounds like fun to me.
Dabs all around :)

Thank goodness for vertical integration. Fantastic thank you. Keep up the great work, and all your doing for the community.

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WeedCash to the moon!!!!!!!!