Made it to the coast in time for sunset bowl!

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Decided to take a spontaneous trip to the coast out in Florence, OR. It is such a beautiful drive out here.

I made it to the coastline just at sunset to catch a quick bowl of some of this Clown Royal that I picked up from Eugreen just before leaving Eugene for $50 for a half ounce, it was a good deal.


Anyway here is another shot from the coast as it was getting dark. For some reason, they keep uploading to Hive upside down...So you only get 1, lol.


About to head to the Three Rivers Casino to go test my luck with the little bit I made tonight with my GrubHub rounds. Anyway, gonna spend the next day or two out here because the temp is super nice and it is supposed to be hot as hell in Eugene, so yeah, gonna take some Dude time!

For all you Hivelist stake holders out there, I am going to update the $LIST Staking Club rewards list when I get back to town, because I know there have been some new additions! Sorry for the delay, but have been super busy and needed some me time!

Be Cool, Be Real, and Abide!

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Alright another morning bowl HA HA.

Actually this was an evening bowl, lol. Sun was going down, haha.

I meant evening HA HA. I was thinking of @davedickeyyall HA HA. Good deal too! Love them west coast prices :-).

Nice smoking snap, enjoy it 🔥