Dudecast 005 Talking Weedcash.org Upcoming Updates And A Call To Action

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Hello my lovely Weedcash community and overall Hive family! Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! So I woke up to a comment in the Discord chat this morning that sparked this video.

Now I know I have had focus in other places the last couple of months, but i have also been using the knowledge that I have gained by building these other platforms and making a plan for a whole new face for the weedcash.org/weedcash.io (because the both lead to the same place) front ends. These will tie into the weedcash.network nitrous site, letting that be the Hive side of the platform. I am planning an off chain social network built directly into there, so we can keep communication all in one place vs having to use other platforms like Discord for off chain communication.

Anyway, that is a brief summary of the updates, but I also pose a call to action for the true Weedcash community and investors to take charge and everyone needs to do their part to help grow the community outside of just the Hive ecosystem! We need to be getting out in other social platforms, and just in real life as well! Getting into dispensaries, commercial growers, etc! So, we need to all work together to make it happen!

If you want to know more, please watch the video, cause it's about 25 minutes of me explaining my thoughts and ideas, and dabbing, and yeah... lol... all that cool stuff!

Oh yeah, shout out to the @exxp team and a plea for a Wordpress/Hive login/sign option to auto populate the profile! Please, would make it so much easier for sites with multi users....

Love you all,

Be Cool, Be Real, and Abide!

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As for supporting weed cash I am a (investor) and dont spend any of the WEED I obtain from posts mining and staking as well as Dcity weed farms. I repost every Friday to the Torum clan for Weedcash I made and moderate after the company was listed of course. I have posted several photos of THC to hive stock images as a resource 5 every Friday, I will have to start burning the rewards instead of accepting payment because this is more meant to give back then earn.

I have gotten a few new users that post here and try to use gift giver for delegation of resources for new users to weedcash and give them some basics on # system if they appear to need it.

For marketing I was thinking pamphlets I think I discussed this a little with the admins but I agree ease of use would help a lot older growers I know are talented and document their grows already just dont know where to post it or remotely understand blockchain. I check local youtubers for marijuana grows and try to approach individuals this way but again its a tuff sell blockchain people try and see how complicated it is and dont come back .

perhaps WAX wallet promotional NFTs like Crypto brew masters or splinter lands or NFT mart but that seems to be a crowd that are already in the circle so to speak. I originally thought Ethereum NFTs like rareable on open sea I experimented with the concept but the gas fees are brutal with ETH so this is going to stay an idea at least on ETH NFTs .

I have several companies I am in some form of communication with in the cannabis industry
Wax liquidiser sent me their products to review on weed cash and gave me permission to use their brand and products in my posts (Made way to much and i have been vaping my way to the end of the 60 cartridge's i made). But I intend to do a cross promo with this next companies CBD wax products when the affiliate case manager gets back ahold of me we have been exchanging emails about Weedcash my posts so now I'm just waiting on paper work over a holiday bad timing Phytoextractium has many natural medicine choices CBD is one but Kratom, Blue lotus, and kombucha cultures are also on the menu so more a herbal remedy/ supply site . They should allow brand usage soon and I'm in talks with these companies as an influencer so involvement could be possible.
Last one perhaps the most aggravating and important is https://juicyfields.io/greenhouse
a cannabis investing business that dabbles in crypto payment only problem is I have only gotten two half responses perhaps its me getting dismissed due to my lower socio economic status lets say or lack of a business or something more substantial than a social media influencer portfolio that's barely 8 months old.

From what i can tell they are real and the company has grand ambitions with the number of grows they already have they are following through. Probably why I get dismissed a cannabis grow with investors buying plant contracts is hard to write let alone oversee. they have shipping container pot growing facilities set up for delivery for potential land contribution they are interested in farm land anywhere cannabis is legal to grow.

I am almost 100% they are the real deal but I'm to small to get their attention, Sorry for the length of my response I dont normally bother anyone with this stuff but you asked.

P.S My real name is Brandon I'm 28 I live in Michigan I try to keep the details sparse so there is a separation personal professional accounts.

We have been tossing around some ideas for NFT's and trying to find the right way to go with that. ETH is out of the question right now due to gas fees so yeah, looking at WAX as well as doing some on NFTShowroom.

I am wanting to put as much info as I can online because print projects are not cheap to have made. Going to do some index cards or business cards with links and some brief info. The new weedcash.org site can be a great place to lead people to be able to just easily get involved in a community chat without having to have a hive account. All they need is an existing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, or Wordpress account to quickly sign in. Or they can also login with a metamask wallet or old school username and email address. The weed chat is off chain so it’s easy to figure out, just like any other social media site really at that point. Then we have links to posts and where they can sign up and log in to Hive.

nice video with good news and I think it is a good move if the threshold is lower for newcomers. And nice to see that you are happy with the lighter ✌😄

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That’s funny you gave that lighter to your daughter. So yeah this thing your building looks cool, I’m not a technical guy either, but o can do my best to promote the fuck out of it.

Always remember, don’t hesitate to ever ask for whatever

Haha yeah, I gave it to her for a protective weapon, lol. It'll zap the shit out of you, lol