It’s Been a While Old Friend! Lost Vape Rig Found!


I missed you old buddy! Thought you were gone for good. But then of course you decide to rearrange and clean and 💥 You find what you thought you had lost. Lol!

So I charged it up, gave it a new dual coil cartridge and went and picked up this amazing Forbidden Fruit honey comb from my favorite store, Amazon Organics in Eugene, OR.


So now everything is right in the dude’s life again! Lol.


So now the dude gets to sit back while the laundry is going... Havjng to wash EVERYTHING after these wildfires, everything in the Van Cave smelled like a camp fire.

Anyway, hope you guys have a great day! I am going to be starting work on updating the front end and incorporating the store with that to bro g some consistency across everything in the next week or so. Looking for a good source for some physical flyers and such that people will be able to purchase from the store and use for marketing materials at your local shops! Got allot in the hopper in between rebuilding the so just sit back and burn a J while the dude gets the work done! I do it for the love of the #weedcash and #cannabis communities! Now I guess showing some love for the #smoke community now as well!

Be cool, be real, and always abide!



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Congratulations on finding a very valuable toy!!!!

Yo! Man thanks again for the DJ set. I like to put on a canna Christmas show so if you’re available I would love to have you

For sure. I am going to be getting with Frank soon just had a crazy couple of weeks with the fires and all.

Nice! I have a dry herb and an oil vape but this honeycomb one looks tight!. We don't have any stores to buy these type of goodies here. Thankfully dark web works well!

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