What Can You Do With Your WEED? Talking BroFi and Curation Trails

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What's happeing my people, today is just a chat day. We are talking about the different things you can do with your WEED tokens. I also ramble on about a couple of new NFT projects I have going on! The first being https://hashbots.net!

We discuss delegating WEED to the @brofi account and earning BRO coins from the #mancave project, which if you hold those, earns you daily earnings of other coins! So you can turn #brofi into #weedfi, lol.

We then talk about curation and how you can use https://hive.vote to go and join the @canna-collective and the @canna-curate curation trails and earn some passive income on your staked WEED if you don't have the time to be apart of the community!

We then talk about how you can just sit back and earn WEED tokens just by staking and that your stake gives you a higher vote count on the https://weedcash.network!

And then of course, you can always find something that you may want to spend your WEED tokens on in the https://weedcash.store! We sell CBD and hemp products, Weedcash and @canna-curate merch, as well as smoking accessories like pipes and dab tools!

Anyway, let's get high together! Oh yeah, I showed off my new pack of Moby Dick sativa prerolls that will get you a little dicked, lol, and taking dabs of my Sour Bubble live resin with you on camera!

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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How much WEED does one need to get some BRO?

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There is not set amount. Just delegate some WEED power to that account and it will start coming in daily. Weed is there lowest payout pool but it’s something.

Thanks for letting me know about Brofi and your Hashbots I will be mentioning this in my write up today about NFTs for WEED I have news. Have you heard of Nefty Blocks yet?
Its a WAX based service made to simplify NFT Collections pack and burn blend use case creation, while WAX is also starting to allow more and more cannabis NFT collections.
Nefty blocs just set up their own crypto mining staking and DeFi system tied to the WAX collections made through their service. Simply done with a white listed colection, I have gotten ahold of some of the people making the white listed cannabis themed NFT collections and their reasoning as to why m colection wasn't white listed and theirs was was due to mine being real images of cannabis.

Sorry for this long ass explanation almost to the point Representing say WEED cash in a NFT colection on WAX can be done it just has to not include real images of cannabis. A colection done with Nefty Blocks would be particularly helpful as there is now free advertising to NFT producers staking $NEFTY which also increases revenue of each pack or individual NFT sold in your colection.

This $NEFTY token a WAX alt literally launched a half hour ago as of writing, It promises to change the WAX NFT landscape. I know your busy as all get out I can relate trust me, you may want to consider using Nefty Blocks for NFTs to some extent like merch for completing a blend use case first or something.

Last part and ill leave you alone the other major NFT development on WAX is Green Rabbit, though not weed themed the colection is made by a California dispensary owner.
These are green rabbits Sales figures and they contend with Splinterlands or MLB cards for highest sale value daily.
The Owner of Green Rabbit Holdings also owns the prestigious Peoples Marijuana Dispensary,
which is located in Costa Mesa, California https://peoplescali.com/ the link to their dispensary.

Again thank your for the info on the NFT project Hashbots ill be checking that out and I already delegated to Brofi the second I heard that was an option in your video. I apologies for writing so much in your comments.

I will check out nefty for sure for the WAX release. Thanks for that info

Yeah they make NFT launches so much simpler & that new crypto just stepped their NFT game up a notch

Not sure why you can’t use real images, that’s kinda stupid.

not that I can say for sure they have been lessening restrictions left and right might be fine now who knows but weedcash as a site has a better shot of getting a whitelisting this I can say for sure

Bro!!!! I have an idea!!! Can’t do it with WAX because I don’t know that chain, but I can certainly build something for BSC and Polygon on the weedcash.org site… we need to chat in private…

Sure here's my twitter or ill go on discord

You can smoke the weed and then eat !PIZZA

@thelogicaldude! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @sharkthelion.

Did you know you can earn $PIZZA through Hive-Engine Diesel Pools? (2/20)

Dammit misleading title, thought I was gonna win an award when I suggested... Smoke it. Still good post

Are you going to order some screen boxes soon Lol that's what Id like to buy with my weedcash.

Stop it, Elon!