420 Followers! Cannafest and Music NFTs Coming

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Oh man! I am excited that I have hit the 420 follower mark on Hive! I appreciate all of you! This video is just a little thanks to you guys!

Anyway, not only are we celebrating the milestone, I am also talking about the upcoming Cannafest, you can find the information at this link:


Also... I will be DJing a portion of the event! Part of my performance will be recorded and split into 3 different pieces and sold as individual NFTs on @nftshowroom under the @groove-logic account! I talk about the details! Go give that account a follow as well, cool things coming!


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nice ! happy 420

In Yosemite right now and skimming through the feed. I will be making a point to check this out when o get home Monday. I’m so intrigued your make nft out of this!

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Nice job, Can't wait to stop and chill.for a bit ☮️

I am taking that whole day off, so that will be fun, lol. Edibles will be involved as well, lol.