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My Thought on Young Thug Punk Album Cover

I want you to take a look at the picture and Tell me what you see, Jeffery (Young Thug ) just dropped his long awaited album titled Punk. The cover really caught my attention, I just came back from a very stressful day, I had smoked a little before listening this project but the cover alone spoke to me.

On looking at you can only see two versions of Young Thug (Jeffery) staring at himself. Okay now if you add a little cannabis, turn your phone upside down and look into the pool they are arround you see their reflection of the people sitting at the edge of the pool.



Look closely the one on the right has a volin but it's as holding an arrow, and the environment around him is devasted. This signifes his hell, his troubles and demons, the arrow on his hand means that he still a lover. On the left hand sitting in paradise, this Jeffery is seen throwing a dice, this may signify gambling or rich life style, he is also holding dollar bills . We notice the hair of Young thug on the left side is pink like a tree with red fruit, this signifes eden/heaven. This side shows paradise and wealth.

On his shoulders we see two snake staring at each other, Young thug has also used the snake to signify his style of music as slime, he also uses the snake to indicate his very wild sense of style.

Don't take things on face value, cannabis make you see the bigger picture

Good day, be stoned and be happy 😊 🎧🎸💿



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