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RE: Big Fat Buds - Defoliation - Indoor Garden Update

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Yeah I am thinking Sativa dominant, those long leaves is a pretty good give away in the first few pics... hope you got a pocket microscope to check on your trichomes. If its Sativa I think they need to be a milky white.. if Indica they should be more of an amber color.


Hey bro,
I'm of the mind to think that plant might be a hybrid. There's no way to know of course, but it was the "medium" size plant, and the budding looks more like indica dominant to me. It's the skunkiest smelling too :D

I'm not a pro with this stuff but I think milky trichomes are generally considered mature and packing a high THC punch, and the amber are more of a late stage trichome that is more CBD. I didn't know there is much difference between stativa and indica regarding this trichome maturation process. You've given me some research material!

I don't have a microscope, but I do have a high powered lighted magnifying glass and cameras that might help me zoom to that level. I might make a post out of that :)

Thanks for your insight and support my friend :)