SkyBuds Strain Reviews - Pink Tyson - luscious leaf

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If you ever followed me before you know I use to do strain reviews.

I have not done one in a long while but have been wanting to try to add more content to my channel and accounts. I thought one of the best ways to do this is through reviews.

With my grow logs it is all my grow and some times maybe review of the strains I grow.

The idea behind these reviews will be one showing off many of the strains I smoke but also to may help others choose the places they buy from.

The first review was of pink Tyson, It is a cross between pink kush & Bubba Kush.






This review is not sponsored but if you would like to sponsor a strain review please find me on discord skybuds420#1898.

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Damn that is some bomb ass bud dude! And how did you get them to sponsor?

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Those buds looks really strong :D nice harvest