Root With Just Water

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What's up canna peeps? I have a small different kind of update today. The 4th tea didn't work I forgot to stir it once and went funky.

The thing that is great was the DR greenspin clones I cut about 1 week ago have actually started to root


With them not being in soil and the leaves being left I thought forsure they would just die off. Sadly I didn't want this but soil around me is not a thing.


I plan to take my 29 gallon apart and make some small pots up but that's not the point.


Check out the very small roots. I am hoping as I topped up the water they will still keep growing.

The other clone of the hooch I took as also rooted quite nicely.


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Yeah they don't really take much to take. Ive seen people use Aloe vera to help the roots form faster.

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I normally do use aloe but had issues with it so need to buy a new one. This was faster than soil normally is to be honest

I've never tried this with cannabis before, but this is the best method for many herbs that I've tried.