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RE: Bud Farmer series 2 25 pack unboxing and burn

in WeedCash Network5 months ago

Dam I really got to check out budfarm agian. I was pissed I couldn't buy packs and never went back

I also forgot about the robo beta was trading the dumps to much 🤣🤣


hell the packs are again cheaper then launch but the bud farm collections value is something the market will struggle with correctly appraising, because its pack launch and burn system isn't typical for WAX. The have serval unused NFTs in this second series like bong water which only makes sense if these have unannounced burn systems.

so just going out on a limb and guessing like the promo Afghani they will be worthless then all of a sudden really valuable. either in 5 days when the first burn use case ends or 20 days when the second one ends.