No-Till 20 Gallon - 5x5 - Phlizon ph-F06 - Episode #4 - Maple Cookies / Green StarBurst

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Strain Name: Maple Cookie / Green Starburst
Strain Type: Regular Seeds
Strain Breeder: Trinity Genetics / 7eastgenetics /
Growing medium: skybuds Supersoil
Growing Ferts: EWC & Compost Tea

Maple Cookies

maple cookies have been looking great with the pre-flowers starting to come out and show their sex. This plant is growing the best out of all my tent.

Green Starburst

The green starburst still hasn't shown its sex but I do think within the next couple of days I will know whether to clone to cut it down.


I am hoping of course that it is a female so I can finish these 2 plants off and have a few clones to start in the next 6 weeks.

With the Reese mac turning out to be a male it made it so this pot is only at 2 plants now. I am thinking the maple Cookies is going to boom now that it has more room.

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