Lemon-Ups Low Stress Training Week#1 Update

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Strain Name: Lemon-Ups
Strain Type: Regular seed / Sativa Dom
Strain Breeder: Triniy Gentics
Growing medium: Supersoil
Growing Ferts: EWC & Compost Tea & Top Dress


What's up Tokers? I am going to start with weekly updates for each plant like I was doing before surgery. I will start this with the plant I have shared a few photos of lately with the training I have done.

Day 1 Training
Day 2 Training

This week I have been doing daily tieing back and making sure that this plant is staying low to allow more side tops to catch up to the top of the plant, which has now also been topped. By topped I mean I have cut the top off to allow it to grow to main tops.

Low Stress Training

Now I know most of you already know what LST (Low-stress training) but I know some will now so I will explain the term and technique.

The idea behind low-stress training is to bending, tieing, with methods like scrog or sog or using stakes to tie branches too. You can find out more about Low-stress training In this very helpful post on grow diaries.

Pink kush x Northern light
Nebula Kush

You are able to see from these two images above that this is a form of low-stress training. with tieing back it will allow for more tops to grow even and more tops should in return give a better yield.

Top Dress

With this being a fresh pot with just reamended super soil and worm casting I have been giving this pot feedings of dry amendments like kelp, alfalfa, Epsom salt. These 3 along with worm casting will add much-needed nitrogen and calcium. Over the next two weeks, I will continue to top-dress lightly with a rock dust mix that includes Basalt, Rock Phosphate, Glacier Dust, Gypsum, Mineralized Phosphate, Green Sand.

This over the next few weeks will then allow the soil or microorganisms to break it down for the start of flower when I will then began to top-dress again with a pk heavy dressing.

Compost Tea

Next week I will be starting to add a weekly worm casting tea to this pot. This will ensure that I am able to kick start this pot with more micro life like bacteria, fungi, nematodes to help ensure the soil will be able to feed the plant.

If you are looking for more information on compost tea I would suggest taking a look at how-to-feed-cannabis-organically and KIS Organics.


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Nice training bro!

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Thanks, I really want a better yield so gonna train these.

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Seriously I have learned a lot from your posts alone cant wit to implement some of these tricks