Five-Gallon Challenge - Pink Kush X Northern Lights - Update #1 2021

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Strain Name: Pink Kush X Northern Lights
Strain Type: Indica Dom
Strain Breeder: Instagram Banned Breader
Growing medium: Supersoil
Growing Ferts: EWC & Compost Tea & Top Dress

Let's start this with a shout-out to @jonyoudyer for this awesome challenge and I am now ready to get the next one underway. I know I am the only one that finished one but she was finished early and small so the count SUCKED.

Pink Kush X Northen Lights

When it comes to growing this strain I have not really done any logs on weedcash more so was saving it for this challenge blog.


When I took this clone I was truly not even sure if it was female. I took the chance as I always do prefer to grow regular seeds as female is no different the GMO to make them have females genetics.

With this pot I never finished working on it I was continuing to water it and add amendments to keep building the soil. One thing I am happy to find is the worms have still been building a colony and making more worm castings.


The transplant was quite easy with this as I am use to using these pots for my clones. As long as you pull the plant out before the roots grow t far out the bottom you will be fine.

I have left the old stock and root in the soil as that is the old building block for the soil. It is full of mycorrhizal that will move over to the new roots and add much-needed protection.

Soil Moved for New pot
Clone Ready for Transplant

These roots are super healthy and white, I am likely to change my to another pot before they get the chance to fill out the whole .3-gallon pots.

As you can see even the .3 gallon pot has some small baby worms that likely hatched from the EWC.

Low Stress Training

This plant will be going through a lot more training than the maple Cookies did but for now, this has had all the leaf tips trimmed back ( Never did when cloned) to allow for the roots to grow into the soil in this 5-gallon pot.

Top Dress

The top dress for likey the next 4 weeks will be a mix of alfalfa and kelp. I likely to add a mix of EWC and Rock dust as well but that will only come once every 2 weeks. I am working on a cover crop seed

Compost Tea

With compost teas, I will not be adding too many of these for the first 4 weeks or more. This small of a pot it is very easy to change the PH with teas I have found.


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I can't take part in this challenge because I always plant in the ground, I need new seeds to grow in a bucket

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You could try to get a clone going maybe?

Looking great bro! Thanks for the shout out, but without your motivation, I doubt I would of even launched it. Everything we do here is a team effort!

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Ah man no problem we motivate each other.