Clone Sunday - Week 5 -

in WeedCash •  14 days ago 

What's you guys think? Who on here uses super soil?

Clone Sunday

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Hey man. Welcome to .... what is happening with Weedcash ?

Think they are staying with steem-engine for now but I think they plan to move. I am not sure I don't run weedcash tho so I can't say for sure. I will have a Cannabis Hive community up soon

WeedCash is already connected to Hive. If you post from you will be automatically posting to Hive. You can also use the weedcash tag or post from our community on peakd. Steem-Engine is now building Hive-Engine so when that is ready you will be able to trade WEED/HIVEP

What about our old Weed cash tokens .... do we need to move those over somehow ?

There is nothing you need to do for now. We mostly just have to wait for Hive_Engine. There will either be an airdrop or a way to transfer WEED. The details are still yet TBD.

Excellent. Thanks.