Chemdawg THCa Diamonds Review

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When it comes to dabs if you follow me you know I am a huge fan of them. So whenever I get the chance to try them out I of course do.

I don't normally buy much legal extracts but I have been buying a lot more legal cannabis lately as my local guy is in the middle of curing more and has just been tired of the same strains.

When I went into the legal local place called bogarts cannabis I noticed some new strains for dabs and one was this chemdawg OG THCa diamonds.

I was very happy with the price point at 49.99 plus tax of course making it about 55 a gram. This is on par with the blackmarket price for THCa diamonds.

When I saw THCa diamonds I am not talking about the wizard stones I am talking about small diamonds that are normally in a terp sauce.

The looks on these are amazing, Can't go wrong with small chunks with a nice about of sauce. The colour is the perfect colour for a bud run. The light colour is normally always a sure sign they didn't use trim.

The small is actually very good, Normally these don't have much of a smell but this one was a nice dank smell much like the flower has.

The buzz was or is fantastic, With a nice heavy indica feeling you would hope to have from chemdawg, I is not a light weight strain so be sure to take small daps or fuck it and just get rocked

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That looks beautiful and so yummy!

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Nice man. I’ve had Chemdawg before, but not the diamonds. Fun strain.

Yeah I love chemdawg, Great strain to grow.

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I need to learn how to make that!

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Right, My buddy that makes it his system is 2lb or 5lbs

I think I would buy a press over a butane system

Yeah true that! Unless you have a closed loop system, butane is hella dangerous. I wonder how much I can get pressed with a hair iron? lol

🤣🤣 I broke a hair dryer doing that.

Closed loop is what he has but you need the room. Press is table top

yeah and they are very expensive. I think maybe 300$ can get a press. I need to look

Yeah they are hella cheap but better plates are more money, Buddy spent I think he said 15k on his closed loop