Cannabis Infused Cacao Butter

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Do you ever infuse cacao butter or any type of oil? I normally do this with the bottoms of my plants or hell I even buy cannabis just and make it. The thing about oils is they are not very stable when you want to make things like chocolate, And let me tell you I love chocolate and cannabis.

With my house being vegan and living in a small city but really it should be a town I am very limited on chocolate. My wife has now learned how to make her own using cocoa butter. This process is beyond me, I leave the hard part to her🤣.

  • Bust up and Decarb the cannabis at 170f for about 35-45 mins and move it around every 10 mins. The cannabis should be turning a darker green to brown. I like to leave mine on the dark green not quite brown as the oil will help decarb more.

  • For the next step I like to use a double broiler, I actually don't recommend doing this without some type of two-pot system as the cacao butter will get too hot and burn the cannabis.
  • Once you got the double-broiler ready you can add the cocoa butter to the top pan and start melting it.

  • Now you can add the decarb cannabis to the cacao butter and you will mixit it. At this point, you can leave it and stir it every 10-15 minutes. Just check to make sure the bottom pot has water in it so you don't dry the pot out... ( I do this a lot)

  • After the 3-4 hours it is now time to strain the cacao butter, for this I use a cheesecloth but you can use a fine-mesh strainer. I like to strain mine into a pyrex dish as it can take the heat and also easier to take the butter out of.


1.5 oz of dried cannabis ( Decarbed)
2 - Cups Cacao Butter

Items needed -

Cookie sheet
Double broiler / 2 Pots
Cheesecloth / Strainer
pyrex dish

cannabis 10%.png

When it comes to the amount of cannabis you want to add is depended on the potency you would like it. I like to use this calculator from hempster This comes out for my recipe to about 103.13mg per tablespoon. This is perfect for me as I like to take around 100-150 when I take edibles. This is also likely on the low side as it has the THC at 10% and I think I can easily move that to 15% avg.

canabis 15%.png

When I do that you can see it moves to 154.69mg per tablespoon. That is more like it. I can say that most of the chocolates my wife makes have about 1 tablespoon in them making for some tasty treats.

make sure when you are buying the cocoa butter you get FOOD GRADE, they sell stuff that is used for creams and it is not what you want. We buy ours from the health food stores.

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Great post. I am glad there are so many ways to use cannabis other than just smoking it.

Right, It is crazy the things we can do with it. From joints to food to creams to buildings

Oh man at first I thought it was coconut butter, not chocolate. I Ain’t going to lie, I’m drooling!

Haha, na shared that recipe before and I can make chocolate with it but it ain't shelf stable like cacao butter.

This is pure chocolate butter fat🤤

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Thanks for the recipe, too. I've never eaten cocoa butter before, and I don't know if it's available in Europe.

O you can for sure, This is how most chocolate is made unless they use the actual cacao nibs.

aha but i've never seen it in the store. I'll ask the chocolate maker here.

Ill have to try cacao extraction next time butters unhealthy and coconut oil makes everything taste like an almond joy

Yeah coconut oil is very unstable you have to freeze the chocolate, This is awesome left on counter and it has hard still.

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awesome post. 😎💯

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Would definitely love to try some

Nice work ;))

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