Skunk Auto - 1 Week left


The skunk cheese auto is really starting to come along, With I am think about another week left before it is finshes.


I can't wait to try this strain skunk is one my favorite and this is getting stinky and tight


I love the way the top leaves start to curl over and thricomes start to fill it out.
It has been slowly turning the white hairs red to show it is just about done wanting pollen.



Healthy looking trees.😍😋

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Thanks, It's coming 🤣

Don't mention it, you are always welcome, anytime.

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Uh... this can smell very good 😲👌👌👌🤗😎😋😋😋🍷

O it does, Smells the whole basement 🤣

Cool ... just sad is that I can not use it here, if I not do this secretly :))
But I must try get it soon some how :)

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Looks like your getting your soil dialed in, nice work bro

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Slowly, This 100 gallon is so much better than the vivosun.