Lemon-ups & Pro mode Camera

I have been trying to play around with some of the "pro" settings on my phone lately.

I am not a pro photographer at all and really have no idea what most the settings really are. I do know the photos it takes when you do play with the settings is much nicer.




So here we have a few of the lemon-ups I was able to take last night.



I really love the looks of this one. One thing I find with the pro mode is I can select the focus way better.



If you got tips and tricks on how to use pro mode on a smartphone I would love o hear them

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Beautiful! I wanted to introduce myself to some of the weedcash community. I was an early adopter of steemit back in the day, and I finally found my keys to check out Hive after I heard steem finally forked away from Tron. I don't know if you were around back then, communities were still being developed, and weedcash was just a tag. I was really active in the early steem cannabis community, and I'm stoked to get to know everyone who is around today.

Beautiful pics! I'll go check out the rest of your blog!

Thanks, That is the weedcash account I use for smaller posts like that and curation.

I don't remember you but I was off and on active back then so that is likely why, I think back when weedcash was just a tag I was focused on smoke blockchain(fail) but hey 🤣.

Early steem I was around but didn't really follow much cannabis as I thought it was mostly about crypto and I was a newb at that.

Well I'm happy to see the cannabis community going strong here after everything. I'll be around regularly and i'll be looking out for ya!