Freakshow week 5


Who else grows the dank Freakshow? I love the looks of this strain as it looks like a fern but flowers like cannabis.

This strain is bred by 7eastgentics but real strain comes from shapeshifer.


The hairs are like no other strain I have grown that's for sure.

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How’s the terp profile?

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Seem to be slowly building up now, I'll get a few photos tomorrow.

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what a peculiar growth pattern non typical stable mutations that effect the plant leaf/bud development have always fascinated me, Great looking plant, ill have to look into this strain because this is a first for me anyway.

Thanks this is awesome FREAKSHOW referred to as Cannabis Lusus Monstra. With a completely new morphology new morphology indeed most people would think fake but I know pot leaves come in all shapes and sizes due to stress, It stands to reason this mutation could occur so frequently or be selected to cause drastic change. I had theories but ill have to find some seed vendor near me that caries FREAKSHOW seeds and can send them to me via mail(I know that's not ideal) this is cannabis nerd fuel.

Yeah it is quite the mutation, I really haven't done a lot research on it figured it was best to do my own by growing it🤣🤣

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