Amazing Growth - 100 gallon

Well whats up canna peeps? While I wait to make a video tonight as I plan to give when a nice water of molasses and water soluble kelp I thought I would make a post about the growth these plants have been having.

Over the last 4-7 days the growth has been insane to say the least. In this photo below I'll show you what they look like today.

The hooch is really a fantastic plant and lush green, The auto is finally starting to stretch and should see some more bulk over the next week. The sativa is getting so much bigger than I had hoped.

Here is from 4 days ago, You can see they have nearly doubled in them 4 days.

You can find the other videos of this grow at @skylinebuds


Thats amazing for a few days growth. 😉

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Sweet! Whats the light cycle you have running?

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