850 watts and Day 1 of flower

Well this weekend I was busy changing around the tents to get the big 5x5 ready for flower.

I am now pushing 850 Quantum board LEDs

In the back of the tent I got 3 x Spiderfarmer sf-1000(100 watt each)
The middle is a marshydro sp250 (240 watt)
The front is the weakspot with 2x ts600 mars hydro and 1x phlizon 600w( All weak 100 watt lights)

Day 1 Flower


Right here is a tent shot of the morning after 12/12. Now with the way Ontario makes us pay hydro morning for these girls is night time at 7pm. This allows me to pay half the hydro👍

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Hell yeah! Making that shit work

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So LED’s are making the cut it seems these days. I have always been a fan, but there were the I guess you can say HID maximalists, lol, that trashed LED.

Been a while since I have grown...

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