Clones Officially 3 months old

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3 months old today!

They are starting to fill out really nice. Maybe in a week I will start doing some pruning.

Along the way we had an invasion as you can see by the remaining white spots on the leaves where the little pests where sucking out the good stuff, but im pretty sure we fixed it and now im just waiting to see the if the new growth is clean and vibrant looking. which so far so good.


They Have developed many branches, and I will start pruning again soon once they recover completely from the last pinching and the bug invasion.


I could start pulling off a few more clones from these to get ready to go outside for spring. I been thinking about it.





👍🏾 @tipu curate


Merry Christmas 🌲🤝

Merry Christmas 🎄

Thanks 👍🏾

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Are those white things white flies?
Man, do I hate those sap sucking bastards.
But soapy water deals with them quite well on my pepper plants, not sure about weed, because I don't have much experience growing that yet.
The plants look nice and green though, keep it up!

The white things are puncture marks from something that looked like these...
The infestation spread pretty fast. They came from a green house when I bought an Olive plant.
The picture I found on google is like what I seen on the plants.It didnt have the black looking bugs, just the green lookin ones.
I havent seen any sign of them now in about a month so I think I got rid of them.

Looks like some kind of aphid.
When they spread that fast, it can be devastating for some plants.
Glad you could get rid of them.

Yea me too 😅

image.png image.png

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