WeedCash Token Reflections

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Weedcash is tradeable on Hive-Engine ($HIVE) and Newdex ($EOS). You can also purchase WEEDM and WEEDMM token miners on Hive-Engine which will give you a return of WEED tokens daily depending on how many miners you have staked.

Let's take a look at the price movements of these tokens:

Screen Shot 20201116 at 8.06.01 pm.png
Current Price: 0.12421 HIVE / $0.01521

The $WEED token has seen a gradual decrease over the past week or so. It is still fetching a reasonable price and as wWEED and other markets come on board, the price should see some strengthening.

Screen Shot 20201116 at 8.06.44 pm.png
Current Price: 5 HIVE / $0.612

Screen Shot 20201116 at 8.07.25 pm.png
Current Price: 24 HIVE / $2.94

The $WEEDM and $WEEDMM prices have stayed fairly stable. There are currently not a significant number of the 4201 tokens staked for rewards. As this becomes scarcer, the price will rise.

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WEED is nice and stable right now, we'll see where the movement goes! :)

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