WeedCash Update: Delegation Enabled, wWEED Status, Our New BroFund Bros, Marketing Fund, WeedCash.Store

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Delegation Enabled

Now that bidbots are no longer a problem and members are still requesting the feature, we have enabled delegation. It wasn't really needed before, but as we have more serious investors looking into WeedCash now, it was time that we enabled the feature.

wWEED Status Update

After considering the whitepaper about the wLEO hack, we have decided to develop a similar strategy as that of the new wLEO. We are confident that they we will be successful with wLEO and we will learn lessons as we watch LeoFinance blaze a path for WeedFinance. Not to worry, Weed-Fi is still coming, but we are going to take the time to make sure that it is secure.

Our New @brofund Bros

@brofund has entered the WEED mining game in a big way. The great thing about @brofund being our biggest miner is that it will distribute WEED to a whole new group of Hive users - holders of the BRO token. BRO holders currently earn PAL, LEO, & NEOXAG, but it sounds like soon they will also be receiving WEED dividends!

WeedCash.Store Marketing Fund


@thelogicaldude has come up with another great way to build the WeedCash Network. The Dude has committed to allotting 10% of revenue from purchases on https://weedcash.store/ to go into a marketing fund for weedcash!

Natural Medicine Curation

I have recently taken on a role helping to manage the LOTUS token! I have just powered up 33k LOTUS and I will now be actively curating #naturalmedicine content. This is a great time to remind everyone that weedcash supports content about all psychedelics. Besides the #cannabis and #weed tags, weedcash.network automatically picks up any Hive posts tagged with #psilocybin and #dmt!


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Well I guess I couldn’t be king miner forever, lol. Looks like I know where my dcity rewards are going for a while to get caught back up, lol.

lol got caught

That's absolutely incredible that WEED is growing so quickly. Glad to see the coin gain some attention from other tribes!

Do it for the BRO's! lol I gotta get some BRO as well it seems.

now im gonna start to paying more attention to weed

Interesting to see Hive communities begin to stretch out of the Hive blockchain to link with others. Great stride.

I guess I'm going to have to look into delegating some of my weedcash to your curation efforts. I just have to figure out how to do that. It shouldn't be to difficult to figure out.

I just bought some BRO yesterday. Fixing to buy more today..

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Bless your heart...

Momma said...

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Great news!

that great Delegation is Enabled now

We're glad to support the project as well as curators!

Excellent! keep it up. Love what you are doing!

Great News!

Why did you demote me without contacting me first to ensure I was still a part of the cannabis community? A non-active cannabis supporter does not mean a non supportive cannabis supporter/enthusiast...
Meanwhile your existing supporters are all about Weedcash masks... I see you are some cabal supporting assholes.

Demote you? What are you even talking about? The only thing I can think of is your admin status. I give that role based on active contribution to the network so the admins have changed quite a bit over time depending on who is active. If you start being active again, you could earn that role again quickly. It's easier for people that have previously been admins because I know they contributed in the past as well. @thelogicaldude who makes the store is who did those masks. I have made it clear that I do not support that horrible shit one bit. I am also not a tyrant who is going to try and demand that he take that off of the store. He runs the store so if he wants to sell those horrible things, that is his prerogative. I see you make judgements without looking at the details or even asking questions first.

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I see you make judgements without looking at the details or even asking questions first.

I see you do too, because you never messaged me on discord to see what's up, you just demoted me..

I discovered crypto blogging because of you, and your community has helped me through many things. Going into the server to see I've been demoted without notice was depressing and made me feel like I don't belong in the community anymore. I'm an introverted dude who has issues, but that doesn't mean I'm not in the server... doesn't mean I'm not reading posts, doesn't mean I'm not a CANNABIS COMMUITY SUPPORTER..

So who jumped to conclusions here?

I saw your messages about the mask and know you're not a cabal supporting asshole.

I didn't message you when I made you an admin either. I didn't need to ask you to see that you weren't active as far as input in the discord discussions which is my main criteria. Admins are revolving based on the activity that I am seeing.

I had no idea you discovered blogging through weedcash. That's really cool and I hope you stay active. Nobody said that you weren't a cannabis community supporter.

Glad to see that last bit.

Nothing was ever done with any ill will. I hope you can see that.

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I discovered Steem because of a YT vid you made years ago talking about the utility of crypto blogging.

Nothing was ever done with any ill will. I hope you can see that.

I do see that. I hope you see that I care about this community, otherwise I wouldn't have become upset and messaged you.
I don't spend a lot of time in social outlets online anymore. I see the direction the world is taking and the internet is an integral part of the mind control that humanity is currently under.
That being said, I was still in the shadows, but given your set of criteria for being an admin, I can respect how you think.

Thank you for taking the time to reply to me.

Wow! That is really cool! I do see that you care and that's why you were upset. Thanks for expressing yourself honestly and openly. I love that.

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Weedminer is sweet! I don't post weed content but big supporter, and now an investor! I'll invite my friends to the platform, please check the front end, it loads really slow!

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