Weed Fact 420.1 || Hemp Rope used to move Easter Island Statues

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If you thought the marijuana plant was only used for smoking and being the world-record holder of eating the most snacks in one hour, you are wrong. It can also be made into rope and fabric. More specifically these things are usually made from industrial Hemp plant. The difference being that the Hemp plant doesn't produce the psycho active drug tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) that is responsible for that is responsible for you giving your cat a quick 5 minute stare for 2 hours. So no as fun obviously.

But it seems the people from the Easter Islands may have used Hemp rope to move the humongous face statues that are found there. That's what scientist believe at least. But don't worry, it might still be aliens, we'll never know for sure, because we weren't there.

Hemp rope is quite strong for this purpose. So a research team decided to test this theory. With 3 ropes, 2 on the side and one behind, they were able to make a replica statue literally "walk" it's way from one destination to another by rocking it from side to side. Check out the awesome demo in the video.



Amazing right? And yet governments want to make even this Hemp plant illegal that doesn't even get people high, showing how much they really know of all the benefits.

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