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RE: My guide to profiting on WAX/HIVE NFTs.

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Are these both game are free to play?
Do my existing wx wallet is good to play them?

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Yeah your WAX wallet should work for most games mentioned, The only game listed requiring money to properly utilize is splinterlands. However any WAX game or Dapp utilizes the WAX systems CPU. Their is a public pool of CPU replenished daily but I recommend staking Earned WAX to CPU under resources.
Doing so reserves WAX system CPU proportional to the amount of WAX staked, To unstake WAX it takes 3 days and can be facilitated here Staking also pays you WAX daily so its worth doing.

Yeah , I purchased RAM and staked for CPU and NET.
I heard you get rewards for staking WAX but I did not whom should I proxy and is 10 WAX is enough.

For free to play I was asking about upland and WOM.

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oh yeeha both are also free with a crypto sign up bonus for both projects mater of fact they are free however neither are yet to be connected with WAX. Upland has its own WAX NFT collection they are currently integrating with it, meaning it soon will be somewhat connected to WAX not their crypto but some of their NFT assets are soon to be transferable to and from upland to WAX wallet. Wom play also totally free but its on EOS & pays users EOS based on their Wom bucks earnings that week from playing games. while not on WAX and WAX wallet will not work for this project their NFTs on EOS are produced through atomic hub, atomic hub is the best WAX NFT market as well as the Best EOS NFT market as well.

This is WAX atomic hub this below is their EOS version

The best par to womplay is its a additional game site, made by the same company that produces the Wombat Web wallet. the same account from can be used to sign into the wombat web wallet. EOS/NFTs earned will automatically show up in the linked wombat wallet. When you get a NFT on wombat web wallet you can sign into the EOS atomic hub with it.

WAX web wallet is not able to be used to sign in to the EOS atomic hub but atomic hub itself in my opinion has contributed greatly to WAX NFT collections success. The wombat services mentioned like the WAX wallet only require users to sign in with existing social media or Gmail. Since its all entirely free until you transfer your EOS or sell your NFTs which both transactions would require EOS GAS. However unlike WAX the network resources cant get in the way from profiting through this Dapp so there are a few advantages in this regard.

So womplay giving out free crypto to log in or play games and upland letting users earn free UPX for logging in daily. Both projects are attached to atomic hub NFT markets so they show promise sorry a response took so long I'm working

I really appreciate your detailed reply.

Wish you all the best and good luck.

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