Pass the Dutchie Digital Art NFT

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Pass that dutchie to whatever the side you want...I don't care. It's your dutchie. Just make sure to pass it over here.

Floor price for this NFT is 0.001 ETH, priced to be affordable to my fellow stoners.

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Price that low makes minting kinda hard to justify

You dont pay gas fees when minting on Polygon. Buyer or seller. There is talk of 30 qwei fee in the future, I need to confirm this, and if this is accurate I need to find out where its charged, creation or selling. I don't mind a small fee to fight spam tbh, but I do mind if I have to drop it on creation and not transfer or selling. This would slow my giveaways on their platform. But, if sales work out, I can just raise the price by that 30 gwei charge (right now thats $0.00007857 according to seems low tbh Id think its be more expensive in USD right now) compared to the over 300,000 (*nearly 400,000) gwei it costs to mint on the tradional OpenSea system. Thing is, I havent actually noticed OpenSea bring this up themselves. I follow them, but I could have just missed their announcement. I know they added a feature that hide unsolicated NFTs unless theyre from a verified collection.

O. Makes sense, I thought ETH And fees are stupid🤣

Tbh im glad you said something cos I when I went to grab a source I noticed the possible fees coming up. Still worth it in my opinion and Eth becoming PoS is the reason I decided to also use OpenSea even with the lazy minting, PoW is gonna get pushed out the way soon enough (not 100% just compared to PoS). I should add "NO GAS FEES!" like I see others do when selling NFTs on Polygon. I am sure many others are thinking the same as you. I wouldn't buy an NFT with gas fees like that either. Not unless I was rich enough to not give a damn or investing in a high end NFT. If I paid $109 gas fee on a $20K NFT I probably wont care lol.

Yeah, I went to mint one and it was 179 in fees, Have you checked out nftshowroom

Use Polygon. I have yet to be charged anything. I have nothing in the wallet for them to take. I think it's $109 at the moment, still ridiculous unless you're verified and have buyers, for a non Polygon minting.

Even the 30 gwei anti spam fee is much much less expensive than 5 HIVE plus 1 HIVE per edition. That needs to change and they need to just take a percentage. 10% cut is enough, but I know they're starting up and I can understand the need for it until the platform takes off.

Here is more on the new 30 gwei polygon fee and why. It makes sense, its dust and nothing like the regular $100-$200 charges to mint the OpenSea tradionally.

NO GAS FEES! I mint on Polygon when using OpenSea.

I ran out of RC for @potporn so I figured I would drop the notice here for now.