[Polessins' Grow Log] - Durban Poison and Banana Blaze Week#7

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Hello Again !!

Hope you all had an awesome weekend !


Another week has passed and here we are with WEEK#7 update.

I Must say a few bad things happened this week. I must be more carefull while handling with them. This Week trying to do some LST on my Durban Poison i accidently snapped her. Since they are photoperiods, i guess i still have enough time to recover it before going on.

The temperatures and humidity has been higher then never in the tent. Today when i was checking it, the temperature was at 30º celsius, thats damm high... Writing now i realized i forgot to open the room window, and i will do it right now, i hope it helps a little bit with the air flow too. Humidity has hit 80% today inside the tent. We are having some very hot days, with some slow rainning. It feels like you are inside a Sauna. I Will also turn the Dehumidifer again, i turned it off on the last days to clean it up and forgot to turn it on =[.

Lets move on to the weeds !

If you didn't see the previous Week post, you can check it here : WEEK#6



I was trying to spread the main steims and add some resistance on her to help its development. I first tied the rope on the plant, and then on the pot, and this was a big mistake, I learned that i always must tie first on the pot and them on the plant. Well another lesson was learned. It was weird, because i tied the snapped one first, and it was pretty ok. After i tried to pull the other one a little bit, i heard the SNAP on the other side, and that chill on my spine nearly paralyzed me, lol. Well, that kind of stuff happens all the time. I tried to fix it, but the damage was so brutal that it ended up not stacking back. As jonyoudyer mentioned before, i could had tried to make a clone with it, and it was would be really some to try it out, but i had already trashed it out when i read his suggestion =[. Too bad for me.

But let's how are they going now...

Durban Poison 1

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-12 at 20.17.06.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-12 at 20.17.05.jpeg

It was a Shame it snapped, you can see it both new armos were developing pretty well, they were already very big and strong. Well maybe not that strong =[. I got really sad, it was getting beautifull, you can see the damage it was suffering from lack of food is no longer present. She healed like a boss and was getting her new tops to the moon. I hate myself sometimes. The thing is, she is now recovering from the snap, and the 2 new tops are going to be up sooner then i expect i guess. It is gonna be hard to handle her in the future with so many branches lol =P. Lets keep on Durban 1 you got it !! The photo from the top view looks weird now, it was pretty awesome until i break it lol.

Durban poison 2

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-12 at 20.17.05 (1).jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-12 at 20.17.05 (2).jpeg

Durban 2 is going pretty well too now. Even the leaves that were already damaged are resisting to survive. The damage is not evolving on the botton leaves which is nice, and the upper leaves are completely healthy. Her branches are starting to develop too. It started on this friday as i could notice. They are still shy, but clearly starting to sprout out ! i Wonder when i should cut the big fan leaves on these plants. Some of them are just Huge. This plant is now the tallest one in the grow, and its almost touching the light. I don't want to raise it already since the other plants are way smaller then Durban 2.


WhatsApp Image 2021-09-12 at 20.17.04.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-12 at 20.17.05 (3).jpeg

Well. Look at her !! She is shinning =D.

This one has been on 100% from the day 1. Never had a single problem with it. Her leaves are looking very good and man... Look at all these branches popping out. This is looking really good. My last bananas took way longer to get on this point. This also makes me think it is about time for some defoliation. I just rook a few leaves out of the Durban Poison 1, since they were already pretty much dead. But here it looks like it already need some care. A Preventive defoliation ? Can i call it this way ? As you see, the light cant seem to reach all the smaller branches. I decided i will let the branches just develop a little bit more, until its leafs are bigger, Then i will cut some of the big fans out.

Once again, Thanks for the support !

This grow has been a lot of fun. I've been learning a lot and i guess this way i will be improving. Little by little. This week will be nice to watch the snap trying to recover. I hope he do it well. I will get some pictures of its evolution =p.

See you guys Next week !!!

Peace, and stay safe !!


Just a minor set back, next time make sure to water before you try bending, and snapping braches.

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Hey thats something i never heard about.. watering them before.

i will do it next time for sure. thanks a lot !!!

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