[Polessins' Grow Log] - Durban Poison and Banana Blaze Week#5

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Hello Weed Lovers !


Time for week#5 !!

trying something different with my 2 Durban poisons, let's check it out.

Check the WEEK#4 post here if you missed it.

Fixes and Adjustments

I removed the height support, because they were giving my plants the wrong angle, they where growing almost sideways lol. It was enough to help them stop streeching, and now it was time to remove it.

The f** led stop working again, you check it on the top right of the picture below, it was the same i had fixed. The other i fixed looks like had not enough power, the led is kinda blurry and not shinning a lot. So i will have to fix them again for next week =[.

I also increased all the food and water quantity and i am now feeding them every day, except the banana, she is geting food each 2-3 days. She does not need much i guess.


Topping Cannabis

Well, since i have 2 photo Durban poisons going on this grow, i decided to top one of them, so we can se the difference on the end of this grow, and check if it is good to TOP this strain. I had topped one of my bananas previsouly and i realized it was a bad idea, since the strain don't dont well with it, well at i least i learned something more.

Before topping it i sterelized my scisors and cleaned it up really well. I've heard of plants geting sick due being topped with dirty tools. I am not not taking any risks...

This topping was made exactly 4 days ago, we will see below how fast she recovered already !


My little girls were hungry

this photo is bad. i am sorry.

But you can see i was giving them a little less food them she needed. Unfortunately once i realized the damage was already being done. I raised the nuts /L in my sollution, and started applying water every day, 500ml each plant. I could see they were really drinking really fast. That might be due my light, which is kinda strong fro them, so i must keep up with their feeding on point, else, they are going to be damaged again. I think now it is good, and they will recover soon.


Temperature and Humidity


It is time to turn my dehumidifier. We've been having a lot of rains these days and the umidity has sky rocketed. Temperatures are around 24-26ºc most of the time, so it is cool. A few hot days have being increasing it slightly but the rains are helping to mantain it in an aceptble rate.

Now, finally let's take a look at them.

Banana Blaze

Yeah, banana blaze always has a lot of leaves. It is a nightmare to grow this with high umidity in flowring time. Since there is so many leaves, you can create mold spots under the leaves, and they are pretty hard to spot sometimes. So i will definitely be defoliating her a lot. Right now her does not have anything going wrong. Her leaves looks perfect, the colour is awesome, and she did not streeched at all. I guess she is enjoying the tent. 0 trouble with her so far.



Durban poison 1 (topped)

This plant has suffered a little bit so far. I think its due to her height. Since she streetched so much in the first days, i guess she now needs more water, and more food to keep it going, comparing with the banana blaze, which the earth would be moist for 2-3 days after watering. This one needs food every day !! her soil seems to always be dry. But since i started to water it everyday, her bad spots stoped evolving, and she recovered from the topping pretty quick. You can see the new arms already up and ready to go !



Durban poison 2

Last but not least, the natural Durb. I will try to let it go 100% natural, and all the training i will be making in the Durb 1. I am just afraid she gets to High, my tent is only 1.80, and im pretty sure she might take it all. The problem would be that my banana is an Indica, and it is short by nature. She would have problems reaching the light that will be much higher too. Well, this one also suffered a little bit with the lack of food. since she streetched a lot to, she is also drinking like a hooligan. I will be giving a special attention to these babies to avoid more yellow leaves.



Thanks every one again !

thanks for reading and stopping by !

I am really curious about the upcomming week, since they are now about 1 month into veg. It is time to these babied really start growing, and i hope we get to see some awesome results, specially with the topped Durban !

See you all next week.

peace all !!