Banana Blaze Feeding Day - WEEK 11

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Hello guys ! How are you all doing ?

Today is one of my girls final feeds, about to reach week 12, and i wanted to share it with you !

from the beggining, lets first get the gear !


As you can see, im using REMO NUTRIENTS, probably my last batch since it got so much expensive to get around here. im already checking some other options and i might change to organic grow for next round with my 2 banana blazes and 2 Durban Poison's.

In the blue box we have the PH METER, i had bought some cheap ones in the past, but it definetly dont worth it. This one i use from AKSO its the best so far, about USD $ 40,00 around here.

PAY ATTENTION : all ph meter will lose its metering base after 3-4 weeks of use, so you will need PH STABLE SOLUTIONS to keep you ph meter calibrated. i use stable PHB 4.0 - 7.0 and 10.0 to adjust my tool every 2-3 weeks.

you will see that in a few weeks when testing the base solutions, the ph meter will already be showing 0.1 or 0.2 difference, and it doesn't look much, but its a lot. every 0.1 means it got 10x more acidic or alc. Keep your eyes on it, since water is one the major points.

so lets calibrate !


done, that was easy.

Now its time to prepare their meal :

This is remo Nutrition chart :

i only go with 65%-70% of what they recommend. I ended up burning some plants on my first try with it using recommended doses lol =[


Since there are 2 plants, in 5 gallon pots each, i went for 6L of water and 10ml of each product :


I mix a lot between each product i add, as REMO requires.

After mixing all the products, its time to check de PH. (always do it after mixing your nuts to yout water, dont adjust the water before addind nuts )

use PH DOWN products or PH UP if you need to adjust it. Its not recommended to use both UP AND DOWN in the same water, so go slowly when adjusting. drop by drop should be safe. there are products like General Hydro which 1 drop might be more then you need. So i prefer using some less concentraded products. i just buy them in regular garden centers around here.

My tap water PH is around 8.0 - 9.0, i usually let it out in the sun for 48h before using it, not really sure if this helps, but i keep doing it lol.

after mixing the nuts, water PH went down to 5.4, a little less then what im looking for. so i mixed some drops of PH UP to get it to 5.8 - 6.0ph.


Now its time to water them !

I just pour the water slowly untill i see some water comming out from the pot. and its done.

im trying to battle the weather these days..
with constant rains, i can't keep the humidity low..
even if i set it to 30% humidity, it wont go below 65% nowdays. i wish i had an AC lol.

i took a few picture of the girls :

Banana 1 - top bud :



Banana 2 is the one who had nanners. so far no more have grown, thank Jah !



its kinda fox tailing i guess, buds are going weird :


Thank you guys for reading ! if you have any organic tips or posts i might haven't seen please send me !
Wish you all the best !


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That’s what’s up bro! Excellent post!

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thanks man =)

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Awesome post. Keep up your great work.

thank you !!

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Those buds are looking tasty! 🤑
Good work bro! Keep it up!