Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

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A 6.1 gram Steem OG cola


I would love to thank all the people who took the time to guess the weight of this Steem Og bud. With a guess of 5.5 grams, @skylinebuds takes the 420 Weed! Second place for 100 Weed would be @love4nugs with a guess of 5.3 grams. 3rd place for 50 weed will be @trayan with a guess of 4.2 grams. Congrats everyone, Weed sent. Don’t spend it all in one place, unless it’s at the WeedCash Store;)


Weedcash now has a witness! Go here, scroll to the bottom, and type in, lets get it into the top 50!

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Nice and thanks, Enjoy everyone and @jonyoudyer enjoy the stem OG

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man I don't get any because its ban here

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It once was banned here as well, ;)

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Yeah, thank you! :D

Smoking my weed and wishing I was in @skylinebuds shoes right now 😅

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Thats beast. Congrats to the winners

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Thanks for the 100 WEED!

That was a very nice bud. What made the contest tough was not being able to go over. I think my original guess was closer, but over by about .2 grams. 😁💨

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Yeah I love the Price is Right rules.

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