White Grape F2 Update

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What's up Weed Nerds! Today I am bringing you some White Grape action. This cultivar from @bifbeans just kicks ass! This is round 2 of my Auto, and I still managed to fuck up by trying to Super Crop it at an early stage. However I have managed to grow a nice plant this round. The profile is small, and tight, but all the nugs are colas, and they are fat.

This will be ready in a week or two. It has been growing a bit slow since it is now on the same schedule as my flowering photos. Soon I will be doing a whole tent grow of nothing but Autos.


I am also growing two other White Grapes, but for The Solo Cup Challenge in the Discord.

Now I will not be the winner, no where close actually, but I am proud of my little plant. Just look at that frost!

I let go for a few more days, and then cut. Going to be the best bowl of my life! lol





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what is solo challenge? just from start to finish in a solo cup? i like it if that's what youre doing

That's the concept..

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didn't know you'd only get a g though lol

Glad to know my Solo Cup challenge isn't the only disappointment on the blockchain

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Yeah sometimes it’s hard to post the mistakes, but I need to get in a better habit of it, cause hey, shit happens!

looks delicious

Thank you, it is a shame my frostiest plant ever is like a gram! lol

A gram of some dankness tho :)

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damn is that all you get in a solo? good to know lol!

gonna need a bigger cup..

Ive seen people get an oz in a SOLO. I am sure some have got way more.

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I've got to get my discord back up. Participate in that challenge. I do remember a 5 gallon going I'm not sure who was putting it on though.
Looking good, thanks for sharing.

The 5 gallon is being put on by us here. So far only me and @skylinebuds have entries. Contest is ongoing till probably the end of this blockchain, if that ever is the case, if so canna will live somewhere else in the ether...


Well I plan to get another one going in 2 weeks when I cut this girl I got going down and hope I can grow more than a 14 oz 🤣

Fantastic. I do have a Slurricane IX that has gotten to 5 nodes currently in a 1 gallon... is transplant to 5 gallon for an enter if possible.

Yes sir!

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Outstanding I'll have it I'm my update this week. Thank you Sir.

The flower looks killer, I tell you try growing an auto outside I keep hearing that's best for them.

Ok OK that solo cup is..... good luck winning with that 🤣🤣

Yeah I imagine during the long summer days they do grow great. For indoor you need to do at least a 20 hour cycle, it really is best to do 24/0

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