Tent Update: Seedlings, & Reveging Clones

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What's good Weed Nerds! So my Big Mack F2's are coming along. Really digging the fat leaves on them. Very excited to see what these bring. Also very excited to see what others come out in all of this. I wish I could crack 100's of seeds at at time, but I make due with what I have, and then the community fells in with the rest. Total Weed Nerd shit!

So these re vegging clones are the Big Mack F1, pheno #2, and #3. I love both of them, but the #3 is by far the best. Actually the best of anything I ever have grown! I am thinking that I want to find a male out of the F2's, to cross the pheno #3 to further my work into the Big Mack.

Humidity was a tad low this morning, so I set up a second humidifier.

Such a relief to have all the flowering plants finished. The last round will go down in the history books as the grow from hell! All I really need to focus on with this grow, is do things almost the same, minus the few new additions I have for making my compost tea, and then keeping that humidity up during veg.





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Are you re-vegging to get some clones from those? Sorry new to your blog.

The only time I've seen people do that is when they have lost a mom after they flowered some cuts they took from her.

Hey bro, great question! When I started my grow back up last year I told myself I will not take clones, and just start fresh each time.

Well I then discovered that I had something special in mid flower with these banana punch x mac and cheese, so I monstered cropped. My plan is to keep these around for as long as I can, and also hopefully hit with some pollen and try to make something special:)

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Reveg of the Clones

Sounds like a new Star Wars film!!

Ha ha nice

Yeah! I’ll remember this for my next post lol

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Wish I could you some seeds from all the various herb I've smoked here in Suriname. Good luck, hope you find some dude plants.

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