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Whats up Weed Nerds! Not to much to report. But they are growing. I have hooked the light to a timer to have 4 hours of dark time, just to save a few bucks. I am having an issue with one seedling, which you can see on the top right. May be a PH issue since I am using tap, and did not adjust according. Not to worried about it, once I get them transplanted that should correct the problem. As long as I make sure the PH is in a good spot. My tap water can be a bit high.

Still waiting on that Grape Ape clone. Fingers crossed!






Looking fantastic, You still use tap water that's scary haha

My tap water is like 8ph and heavy in metals I don't even drink it

Yeah starting to. But I let it sit for 24 hours at least. Not sure if I will stick with it though. I just got to make sure to add the Cal mag if I use RO

This summer during the heat dome and construction in front of my place, the water got really bad here. I had to buy a distiller for a grand. I run it twice a day and we only drink distilled water now. Man there's a lot of garbage in the tank after a few cycles! Not just minerals, but chemicals, hormones, volatiles, stuff you wouldn't think about. It's like drinking a soup made of other people's body wastes, drugs, toxins. It's clear but it's definitely not clean! I'm throwing away buckets of scunge that I used to drink. I might start giving it to my plants as well, but would have to make sure they had some minerals like magnesium added in.

Yeah I am back to using RO. I just add Cal mag

Damn! This seeds are sick!

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Thanks bro!

You're welcome, it was really a pleasure.

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